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Windshield Snow And Ice Scraper

Windshield Snow And Ice Scraper

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Frosted Windshield? No Sweat!

Make clearing snow and ice on your vehicle windshield a breeze with this snow/ice remover cone.

Ingeniously designed in a conical shape, the ice and snow scraper lets you move in a circular motion to clear your windshield faster without ever scratching the glass. Best thing is, it comes with a spiked end that serves as a mini ice breaker tool should you need to heck away build-up ice.


  • MADE OF PLASTIC: rest assured that the plastic material of the ice and snow scraper will not scratch your windshield when you’re clearing away snow
  • CLEAR SNOW AND ICE EFFECTIVELY: the 4” diameter scraping surface of the snow remover optimizes scraping efficiency to let you clear your windshield faster and get moving sooner
  • BUILT-IN MINI ICE BREAKER: the spiked end of the snow and ice scraper serves as a handy ice breaking tool to let you chip away stubborn build-up ice
  • EASY-TO-HOLD DESIGN: this lets you get a firm grip to clear snow and ice with minimal effort


  • Weight: 55g
  • Diameter (the wider end): 4 inches
  • Material: plastic



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