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Transparent Adhesive Wall Hooks

Transparent Adhesive Wall Hooks

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Invisible Hooks That Blend Into Every Surface

If you think that wall hooks are meant to be used and not seen, you’ll be delighted how seamlessly these transparent hooks seem to be able to blend into every surface.

With a transparent adhesive PVC back, these little hooks boast huge features. They’re heavy duty, waterproof and adhere well to many different types of flat surfaces. They’re wonderfully reusable too!


  • UNIQUE TRANSPARENT DESIGN - its adhesive PVC base is almost invisible on every surface - no more conventional wall hooks that stick out like sore thumbs
  • SMALL BUT MIGHTY - these traceless self-adhesive hooks can support up to 13.2 lbs, making them highly practical in every part of the house, garage, workshop or office
  • WATERPROOF AND OILPROOF - these invisible wall hooks retain their impressive adhesive power even if they come into contact with moisture and grease, making them indispensable in places like the bathroom or kitchen
  • REUSABLE - Peel off, wash and stick them back on again. Repeat as many times as you wish
  • ADHERE TO A RANGE OF FLAT SURFACES - these hooks work well on many types of flat surfaces such as ceramic, glass, wood, leather, marble and stainless steel (except for painted walls)


  • Material: plastic
  • Load bearing: 6.6 lbs



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