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Tile Leveling System For Floors And Walls (50 pcs)

Tile Leveling System For Floors And Walls (50 pcs)

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Level Your Tiles Like A Pro!

Need help achieving a perfectly level and smooth tiled floor or wall? This great little tile positioning leveler is for every DIYer!

This nifty system ensures flatness between tiles, so there’s no more tapping and excessive thinset to make everything line up, and there’s reduced polishing and grinding too. Go on, remodel your bathroom, shower or kitchen like a pro!


  • GET PERFECTLY LEVEL, LIPPAGE-FREE TILES: the tile leveling spacer ensures flatness on all four sides of the tiles and that everything is lined up
  • REUSABLE WEDGES: the special wrench (included in the kit) makes fixing and removing the tile leveling wedges very easy, so you can reuse them over and over again
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: as the tile spacer dramatically speeds up tiles installation, you save time, effort and money  
  • 100% FOOL-PROOF: this ceramic tile lever is so easy to use that even a novice DIYer can achieve a fantastic flat floor or wall without hiring a professional


  1. Lay the first tile close to the second tile.
  2. Insert T-pin into the crack and rotate it 90 degrees. Tighten adjusting cover so that the two tiles are level.
  3. Wait for 3-4 hours and BEFORE the cement or tile glue is completely dry, tighten the adjusting cover of the T-pin in the opposite direction, rotate it 90 degrees to release the leveler.
  4. Clean and dry the wedges for reuse next time.


  • Suitable spacer: 2mm - 8mm spacer
  • Tile thickness: 5mm - 20mm
  • Materials: PP + stainless steel
  • Package includes: 50 pcs reusable wedges + 1 pc wrench


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