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Anti Mosquito - Anti Insect Magnetic Mesh

Anti Mosquito - Anti Insect Magnetic Mesh

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Removable, walk-through Patio-Door Screen allows fresh air in, but not insects!

Add a screen door to any door quickly and easily with no tools needed. Attaches to the doorframe with Velcro. Hands-Free Screen Door is the solution for parties and barbecues, providing hands-free entry and exit for you, your family, guests, and pets - keeping bugs out while letting fresh air in. The magnetic auto-close feature automatically shuts the screen each time you walk through it with your hands full. It fits French Doors and sliders, installs in apartments, rentals, and condos, making it a great alternative to expensive custom screens and annoying sliding screens that come off the track.


  • Keeps bugs out of your home without hassle
  • Installs without tools or damage to the door frame in about 5-minute
  • Provides magnetic hands-free entry and exit for both people and pets
  • Makes any door a pet door-pets go in and out without assistance
  • Great for kids-no more slamming screen doors, or screens left open; Closes automatically





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