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Shampoo Hair Massager Brush

Shampoo Hair Massager Brush

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Indulge In A Scalp Massage At Home

Pamper yourself with a salon-like scalp and shampoo massage at home whenever you feel like it.

This shampoo brush gently massages various meridian points on your head to stimulate blood circulation for healthier, shinier hair while effectively removing dirt and dandruff for a luxuriously relaxing head massage. Let life’s little indulgences start from the top.

  • GENTLY DOES IT: the extra soft silicone bristles on the scalp brush is gentle on your scalp while giving you the delightful head massage that you love
  • STIMULATE BLOOD CIRCULATION: this minimizes hair loss while promoting the healthy growth of your crowning glory
  • REMOVES DIRT, OIL AND DANDRUFF: like an extension of your hands, the soft massaging action effectively removes dirt and oil while easily working up a rich lather
  • ULTRA RELAXING: the scalp massage brush gently massages multiple meridian points on your scalp, forehead and temples to reduce fatigue and melt away stress


  • Dimensions: 3.15 x 3.15 x 2.76 inches
  • Materials: rubber shell+ silicone teeth
  • Available colors: multiple


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