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Self-Grooming Corner Brush For Cats

Self-Grooming Corner Brush For Cats

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Meow-velous Self Grooming Brush

If you want to get in your cat’s good books, this self-groomer brush is definitely worth a shot.

designed according to your kitty’s love for grooming, your furry best friend can cozy up to this self-massager comb any time it fancies! Besides removing loose hair efficiently, the soft bristles also offer relaxing head rubs/body scrubs that are so purr-fectly satisfying. Comes with catnip inside to keep your kitty going back for more.


  • EASY TO MOUNT: simply mount the cat self-grooming brush on corners of walls with the enclosed 3M adhesive strips
  • CATNIP INCLUDED: even without catnip hidden inside the grooming brush, we’re sure your furkid will also go crazy over it  
  • MINIMIZE SHEDDING: you’ll see less kitty fur around the house since the self-grooming comb can remove and collect any loose hair
  • YOUR CAT WILL LOVE IT: let your cat keep itself happy while getting their senses stimulated with a DIY massage anytime of the day


  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 5.12 x 3.54 inches
  • Colors available: black, gray, green, blue



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