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Rubber Squeegee  Broom

Rubber Squeegee Broom

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Your Ally In The War Against Dust And Dirt

Tall, gallant, meticulous and very competent, this rubber squeegee broom is your capable helper around the house.

The rubber head sends hair and pet fur packing (and not flying all over the place!) while not scratching your precious flooring at all. Even pet fur on upholstered furniture is no match for the squeegee, which picks it up more efficiently than a vacuum cleaner. The nemesis of dust and dirt on almost any surface, such as hardwood floors, tile, carpet, rugs, concrete and upholstery, the squeegee broom also boasts a telescopic handle that makes cleaning hard-to-reach spots a breeze.


  • PICKS UP DUST, HAIR AND FUR EFFICIENTLY: while most cleaning tools will send fine dust and fur flying all over the place, the rubber squeegee broom picks them up effectively on the floor; in fact, the rubber squeegee is better at picking up fur embedded on furniture upholstery than the vacuum cleaner
  • MULTI-PURPOSE GENIUS: the squeegee broom works on every surface indoors and outdoors, such as hardwood floors, tile, carpet, rugs, concrete, and upholstery 
  • EXTENDABLE HANDLE: the handle is extendable up to 60 inches, making it effortless for you to clean windows, cars, and boats without having to stand on a ladder or step stool  
    - to remove pet fur on the carpet, pull the broom in short, sharp strokes to bring embedded hair to the surface of the carpet


  • Squeegee material: rubber
  • Handle material: plastic
  • Extendable handle: yes
  • Available colors: green, red, blue, yellow



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