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Pets Vacuum Grooming Brush

Pets Vacuum Grooming Brush

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Make Grooming Fast, Safe And Clean

Make grooming your furry best friend a breeze with this vacuum grooming brush.

Compatible with most vacuum cleaners, this pet grooming attachment glides over your pet like butter. Even if your furkid is a bouncing ball of energy which wouldn’t keep still, you can still be assured that the vacuum grooming tool wouldn’t scratch its skin. Besides grooming and capturing loose hair and dirt, this vacuum grooming tool also bathes your furry darling in cleansing ions, which neutralizes odor and bacteria. Your pet may just love the gentle cleansing motion of this vacuum grooming tool!


  • EASY TO USE: this grooming attachment is compatible with all standard-sized vacuum cleaners, so you only need to get this attachment tool to start grooming your pet effortlessly
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: this vacuum grooming tool not only grooms and picks up loose hair and dirt, it also conditions and neutralizes odors and bacteria by covering your pet in cleansing ions - so many benefits from just one DIY grooming session!
  • GENTLY DOES IT: rest assured that the grooming tool wouldn’t scratch your pet as it can work on hair of all lengths - your furry best friend may just look forward to every DIY grooming session from now on!   
  • CLEANER HOUSE: finally, you can make pet hair on furniture upholstery and rolling hair balls history


  • Suitable for: dogs, cats and other pets
  • Material: plastic
  • Compatible with: most vacuum cleaners


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