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Paw Washer For Pets

Paw Washer For Pets

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Look Ma! Clean Paws!

You love everything about your furkid - except its dirty, muddy paws. With this ingenious pet paw cleaner, you’ll have your darling be willing to let you clean its paws in style, without all that drama of having to drag it to the shower area, manually scrub its paws or waste water.

This nifty paw cleaner cup features soft silicone bristles that not only cleans your pet’s paws thoroughly, it’ll also give your pet a complimentary massage too!


  • EASY TO USE: simply pour water or cleaning solution into the cup, get your pet to put its paw into it and manually rotate the cup to let the soft bristles within do the washing and massaging  
  • SAVE WATER: as you don’t need to use a hose or spray any water after washing your pet’s paws in the paw cleaning cup, you save a lot of water
  • GETS THE JOB DONE QUICKLY: your furball will love and will be reassured by the cheerful colors of the paw cleaning cup, so it’ll love getting its paws washed
  • MINIMAL HASSLE FOR YOU: there’s no dragging your pet to the shower area or having to scrub its paws


  • Material: plastic
  • Colors: pink, blue, light green
  • Sizes: 2 sizes to choose from
  • Suitable for: dogs, cats


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