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Pastry Dough Press Set

Pastry Dough Press Set

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Make Perfect Dumplings, Raviolis, Empanadas, Ooh La La!

Can’t seem to get those curvy, pretty edges of dumplings, empanadas, raviolis or fruit pies right? Get a little help from these dough presses!

A no-brainer to use, these dough press molds will produce beautiful crimped edges like a pro - and in no time at all. Effortless to wash and keep, these dough presses are your secret to getting perfectly shaped pies that everyone will go ooh and ahh!


  • PERFECT PIES: the dough mold will cut off excess dough automatically when you close it and produce pretty crimps, so you’ll always get neat, professional-looking edges
  • GREAT FOR AN ARRAY OF PASTRIES: from calzones, pizza pockets, turnovers, empanadas, fruit pies, jumbo raviolis, perogis, breakfast pockets to dumplings, what you can make with the dough molds is only limited by your imagination
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE: simply wash these dough presses with water and washing detergent - they’ll last a lifetime


  • Material: food grade PP plastic
  • Dimensions: mold measures 6" (diameter) and yields a half-moon pocket 1.5" (thickness) with a 3/4" edge 
  • Package includes: 3 dumpling molds + 1 homemade pizza recipe



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