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Outdoor Hanging  Solar Lights

Outdoor Hanging Solar Lights

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Light Up The Outdoors WIth Magic


  • 2 BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS: available in chic crackled globes or charming hummingbirds, these hanging lights invite a flourish of style into your garden or patio with their changing colors
  • SOLAR POWERED: no batteries or wiring is ever needed as the outdoor light decor will charge under the sun during the day and bling to life automatically at night
  • 6-8 HOURS OF LIGHT: you can expect 6-8 hours of mesmerizing light magic with one full charge
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: these hanging light fixtures are made of fade-proof plastic, so you can be assured of beautiful light for many years to come
  • EASY TO HANG: no wiring is needed; simply hang the light fixture wherever you like outdoors, or indoors where there will be ample sunshine to charge up its solar panel
  • WATERPROOF: these lights are built to withstand the elements, so be assured that they can work under wet weather conditions


  • Waterproof: yes
  • Color changing: yes
  • Material: fade-proof plastic
  • Power source: solar powered; may last 6-8 hours per full charge
  • Dimensions: (full hanging height) 26 inches;
    (per hummingbird/globe) 1.78 inches
  • Suitable for: outdoors and indoors (where there's ample sunlight)
  • Available designs: crackled globes or hummingbirds
  • Package includes:
    1 hanging light fixture
    2 hooks



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