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Animal Paw Socks - Unisex Socks for Adults

Animal Paw Socks - Unisex Socks for Adults

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Have you ever dreamed of taking a walk on the wild side? Well, now you can, thanks to these funky, Animal Paws Socks! Turn your feet into animal paws and you'll be walking on the wild side in your own home! These adorable, animal print socks are made from 100% polyester and there are a wide variety of designs to choose from. So, if you're tired of wearing the same, old, boring socks to work every day, why not spice up your sock drawer- and your office- by pulling on a pair of these wild looking Animal Paws Socks?!

Designs include; Cat, Dog, Elephant, Dinosaur, Tiger, Eagle, Horse, Pig, Donkey and Zebra PAWS! 

Length:   20cm Size: One size fits most people(US 5-9)(EU 35-43) Elastic Stretching:20~30cm

Machine washable.


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