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Multifunctional Glass  And Tile Cutter Tool

Multifunctional Glass And Tile Cutter Tool

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Your Swiss Army Knife For DIY Projects

Having a folding feature like a classic Swiss Army Knife, this multi-functional glass and tile cutter is your handy survival tool for many DIY projects.

From glass, tiles, carpets to bricks, this multi-functional cutter can effortlessly slice through tough materials - in a straight and curved line, or circular shapes. There’s more. You can also sharpen knives, punch tiles, open bottles, saw wood and even drill holes with it. Best of all, it folds down to a nifty size, so you can conveniently put it in your toolbox or pocket.

  • DO AWAY WITH BULKY TOOLS: this cutter combines so many functions into one. It’s an all-in-one cutter, knife sharpener, tile puncher, bottle opener, saw, drill and tape measure
  • CUTS THROUGH HARD MATERIALS: be it cutting in a straight/curved line or circular shapes, this tough cookie of a cutter can slice through hard materials such as glass (it works on single and double strength glass), tiles, bricks and carpets
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP HANDLE: you can hold this multi-functional securely and work with minimal effort
  • HIGHLY PORTABLE: everything folds down à la Swiss Army Knife, so it’s an ultra-convenient tool to throw into the toolbox or carry in your pocket  
  • VERY DURABLE: the multi-functional glass and tile cutter has a stainless steel body which will last you for many years to come


  • Material: stainless steel and plastic
  • Dimensions: (length) 6.8 x (width) 2.6 inches


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