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Multi-functional Baby Pacifier

Multi-functional Baby Pacifier

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 Let Baby Eat, Drink & Gnaw Safely  

When your little one is one grumpy, hungry machine, this all-in-one pacifier does everything all at once.

pacifier, feeder and teether rolled into one, this innovative pacifier helps you introduce solid food to baby safely. Its snap closure system lets you put fruit/meat puree into the pacifier while the small holes dispense it to your little one in small, manageable amounts that minimize choking. Made of food grade, BPA-free silicone, this one-of-a-kind pacifier is also very safe for baby to use.  


  • SNAP-TIGHT CLOSURE LOCKING SYSTEM: you can easily place puree or beverages inside the pacifier, snap it shut and your baby can safely use it
  • PREVENT CHOKING: as the tiny holes only allow very small amounts of food to pass through, you can introduce solid food and new liquids to your little one safely
  • BPA FREE: this smart food feeding pacifier is made of food-grade silicone that’s BPA free, so you can let your little one use it with absolute peace of mind
  • ALL-IN-ONE PACIFICER: this is a pacifier, feeder and teether for the price of one
  • EASY FOR BABY TO USE: this pacifier features a small handle, which makes it easy for your little one to hold on to and learn self-feeding


  • Material: Food grade, BPA-free silicone
  • Available sizes:
    S (suitable for > 4 months)
    M ((suitable for > 6 months)
    (suitable for > 8 months)



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