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Liquid Nano Screen Protector

Liquid Nano Screen Protector

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Nano Technology, Huge Protection

This is not your run-out-of-mill phone screen protector. It’s liquid, it’s supreme nanotechnology, and boasts all the advantages (and more!) that conventional screen protectors offer.

Believe it or not, a few drops of this invisible nano liquid screen protector provides 600% more hardness than most other screen protectors. It also offers anti-glare brilliance in HD clarity, full scratch and water protection, and can be applied to almost any screen on your mobile phone, tablet, watch or game console. Obviously, liquid is the new gold standard in phone screen protection.


  • TOO EASY TO APPLY: just a few drops of this nano liquid screen protector directly over your phone screen for the ultimate protection
  • WORKS ON EVERY SCREEN: the nano liquid phone screen protector works on flat, curved or concave screens on ANY mobile phone, tablet, watch or game console. Go on and protect the screen of your phone and other gadgets such as iPod Touch, iWatch, Fitbit Versa, or Nintendo Switch

  • 600% MORE HARDNESS: the nano liquid universal screen protection offers a 9H rating for surface hardness - at 600% more than most other screen protectors. If that’s not the ultimate in screen protection technology, we don’t know what is
  • FULL HD CLARITY: the nano liquid protector forms an invisible clear film on your screen, giving you anti-glare protection in full HD brilliance
  • RESISTANT AGAINST SCRATCHES, MOISTURE, FINGERPRINTS AND BACTERIA: your swanky new smartphone will stay brand-new for a long, long time with this nano liquid screen protector

  • Material: military nano liquid
  • Volume: 0.04 fl oz
  • Compatible with: all mobile phone, tablet & watch screens
  • Edge-to-edge coverage: yes
  • Features: 
    - 99% invisible protection
    - 9H hardness anti-scratch
    - High definition
    - Antibacterial
    - Anti-corrosion
  • Package includes:
    - 1x nano liquid screen protector
    - 2x wet tissues
    - 2x dry tissues


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