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Latch Doorstep For Cars

Latch Doorstep For Cars

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Reaching Your Car Rooftop Is Now Easier

Always have trouble reaching the roof of your vehicle to store/access bulky items such as your surfboard, bicycle? Get a little help from this latch doorstep for cars.

It’s really a ridiculously simple and lightweight device that makes accessing the rooftop of your vehicle so much easier. Simply hook this car doorstep onto the side of your vehicle, and it instantly becomes a safety platform for you to step on and reach your vehicle’s rooftop - it’s that easy!


  • SIMPLE TO USE - hook the latch doorstep onto the U-shaped latch on the side of your vehicle and step on it to reach the rooftop
  • NON-SLIP SAFETY DESIGN - the hook-on foot peg comes with an anti-slip surface, making it safe for you to step on while storing/accessing bulky items  
  • COMPACT AND DURABLE - made of lightweight and extremely heavy-duty aluminum alloy, the vehicle latch doorstep also features a foldable design for easy storage
  • SUPPORTS UP TO 300 LBS - no problem even if you’re a big guy handling heavy stuff
  • USE IT AS A SAFETY HAMMER TOO - the doorstep foot pedal is so durable that it can double up as a safety hammer for you to break car windows during an emergency


  • Dimensions: (length) 5.9 x (width) 3.9 x (height) 3.9 inches
  • Item weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Max load: 300 pounds
  • External testing certification: CE


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