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Identity Protection Stamp Roller

Identity Protection Stamp Roller

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Why Shred? Just Mask It Instantly!

Do you faithfully shred every confidential document in the office? Or painstakingly attempt to mask out addresses and personal data using a dark marker pen? There’s now an instant way to hide important information before paper mail disposal.

With this ID theft prevention stamp, you can easily mask out your personal information or over long lines of text in a single stroke. Its patented pattern and specialty ink even work on most glossy surfaces. Go on, make paper shredder history!


  • INSTANT WAY TO HIDE PERSONAL INFO: simply drag the identity theft protection stamp over the text you want to mask out and its patented pattern will immediately obscure it
  • LONG-LASTING INK CARTRIDGE: make thousands of impressions before a new ink cartridge is needed
  • Works on glossy paper surfaces too: the self-inking stamp uses an oil-based ink that works on most paper surfaces, including glossy ones
  • NIFTY AND PRACTICAL: great for use on junk mail or office documents  
  • MOVE OVER, PAPER SHREDDER: this ID guard roller stamp is small and easy to keep in the drawer - something which a bulky, noisy paper shredder can never match up to


  • Print width: 15mm
  • Ink color: black
  • Package includes: 1pc roller stamp



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