Hot Fix Applicator

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Add Some Sparkle to Your Everyday Items with this Rhinestone Setting Heat Applicator Wand!

Making your everyday items more beautiful with rhinestones is a breeze!

Simply heat special hotfix rhinestones (sold separately) with the tip of the applicator on t-shirts, purses, shoes, denim and much more!

Please Note:
● This hotfix applicator ONLY works with "hotfix" rhinestones. The "hotfix" rhinestone has glue at the bottom, which will be melted and sticky after heated up by the applicator wand.

● Do not touch the applicator the tip during use or not long after use because it gets very hot and it may burn your fingers!

● Wait until the tip cools off before changing tips, because hot tip becomes very crisp and breaks easily in high temperature!

● The applicator gets very hot. Not intended for children under 12 years old!

● Power Supply: 110V, 12W
● Working Temperature: 428°F/220°C
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