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Car Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Phone

Car Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Phone

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It can be easily attached to your car visor and pairs with your device in no time. Upgrade your car with modern technology and answer or hang up calls in a snap!

Bluetooth Handsfree Car Speaker
This speakerphone has no distracting features so you can still keep your eyes on the road. This speakerphone can be paired with multiple phones at the same time, so both you and your passenger can answer calls while on the road. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Bluetooth Handsfree Car Speaker

It is designed with a heavy-duty metal clip at the back that allows it to bind tightly to your visor, reducing the risk of it falling off. Save yourself from installing an expensive Bluetooth kit inside your car.

Bluetooth Handsfree Car Speaker

  • Can automatically pair with the latest Bluetooth 2.1 enabled handsets
  • It can automatically recognize and reconnect to your mobile (Only for Bluetooth 2.1 phones)
  • Soft, supple microphone covering and powerful speaker ensure top notch sound quality
  • 20 hours talk time and 1000 hours standby time
  • Compact, sleek contemporary design.



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