Hand Thrown Glider Plane

Hand Thrown Glider Plane

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Let Fun Take Flight!

Get the kids away from their digital devices and into the great outdoors with these model foam planes.

Crafted from eco-friendly foam that’s ultra-lightweight, flexible and impact-resistant, these manual throwing planes feature 2 flight modes - glider and reversal. Imagine how much fun and exercise you and your kids can be having! With the option to easily install flashing LED light strip on the fuselage, these hand launch glider planes promise dazzling fun at night too.


  • 2 FLIGHT MODES: for the glider mode, install the small wing with the letter “P” facing up; for the reversal mode, install the small wing with “T” facing up - too easy to be showing off fancy flight antics!   
  • NO BRAINER TO ASSEMBLE: consisting of only the plane’s fuselage and 2 wings, it’s easy to be hand launching fun outdoors
  • MADE OF CHILD-SAFE FOAM: the eco-friendly foam is ultra-lightweight and bendable, so the glider plane will not pose any threat to your kid’s safety even if it were to accidentally hit him/her during landing
  • OPTION TO ADD LED LIGHTS: to extend the flying fun into the night, simply install a flashing LED light strip onto the plane’s fuselage and watch it dazzle in mid-air
  • OUTDOOR FUN: what a fun-tastic way to inspire the kids to put down their digital devices and embrace the outdoors


  • Material: non-toxic foam
  • Dimensions: (length) 11.8 x (width) 13.7 inches
  • Flight height: 98 - 164 ft
  • 2 flight modes: glider and reversal modes
  • LED lights: option to add on LED light strip on fuselage
  • Suitable for: kids older than 3 years old
  • Warning: keep away from fire


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