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Gardening Grafting Tool

Gardening Grafting Tool

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Grow Fruit Tree, Grow!

Have a favorite fruit tree that produces amazing fruit? Clone it with this tree grafting tool!

Do your tree grafting the easy and time-saving way. Simply snip, join and tape together. No need to laboriously shave branches with a knife anymore. Best thing is, since the grafting pruner gives you precise cuts that let the branches fit together perfectly, this significantly increases successful grafting and survival rate. Go on and graft the sweet fruits of your labor!


  • EASY TO USE: this pair of gardening grafting shears is so easy to use that any gardener can use it straight out of the box without any professional guidance
  • PREMIUM, DURABLE MATERIALS: rust-resistant chromium blades give you clean, precise cuts every time while the anti-slip ABS handle, spring mechanism and automatic safety lock makes for safe, effortless handling
  • SUPER TIME-SAVING: no more having to manually shave branches using a knife when you can simply cut them using this pair of grafting scissors before taping them together  
  • HIGH SUCCESSFUL GRAFTING AND SURVIVAL RATE: as the grafting shears gives you precise cuts which let the branches fit together perfectly, the successful grafting of your favorite fruit tree is very high


  • Materials: carbon steel shear blades, grip-friendly ABS plastic handle
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 3.9 inches 
  • Additional blades: 2 included
  • Suitable for: grafting branches 5 - 14 mm in diameter



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