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Garden Rapid Planter

Garden Rapid Planter

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 Plant More With Less Effort

The gardener in you will love this electric spiral planting tool to bits! With less digging, shoveling and troweling, every planting job seems to be easier and faster.

Having a universal fit on any handheld electric drill, the spiral planting auger lets you quickly and effortlessly dig holes in all soil types. One of the most versatile gardening tools, you can use it for almost any gardening work - from planting bedding plants, bulbs, seedlings, fertilizing shrubs/trees, deep water aeration to soil and weeds and roots removal.


  • EASY DOES IT: with the help of any regular handheld drill (not included), the spiral drill bit can dig holes up to 7 inches deep and 1.75 inches wide in all soil types - in just seconds
  • MAKE SPADES AND TROWELS HISTORY: plant more efficiently and effortlessly - even the most hands-on home gardeners will love this planting auger drill
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE: featuring a heavy-duty carbon steel rod and alloy steel blades, this planter auger will let you delight in the joy of gardening for many years to come
  • MULTIPURPOSE: from planting bedding plants, bulbs, seedlings, fertilizing, deep water aeration, cultivating soils to weeds/roots removal, this versatile planting auger drill makes every gardening job a breeze


  • Dimensions: (diameter) 3 x (length) 10 inches
  • Materials: carbon steel + alloy steel
  • Universal fit for: all types of handheld electric drills
  • Package includes: 1 spiral planting & grass auger (drill not included)
  • Color: black



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