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Glowing LED Dog Collar

Glowing LED Dog Collar

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Get a Glowing LED Dog Collar!

Keep Your Pup Safe at Night

Make it safer for your puppy at night! 

Featuring 3 flash modes (solid light, fast blink and slow blink), this little device makes a huge difference in visibility for your furry friend at night.

It’s also fully adjustable and easily removable with a snap buckle system, making it really comfortable for your pet and effortless for you.

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Size Length


11.1 - 15.7 inches


13.8 - 16.9 inches


15.7 - 18.9 inches


17.7 - 20.5 inches


20.5 - 23.6 inches


  • LIFE-SAVING DEVICE: Choose between 3 light modes: solid light, fast blink, slow blink. This pet collar will significantly increases your dog’s visibility at night!
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: Comes with 2 CR2016 batteries that have a lifespan of 60-80 hours, which usually lasts most customers 2-3 months. Replacement batteries are easy to find at any convenience store.
  • WATER-RESISTANT AND DURABLE NYLON: the LED pet collar will dry quickly even if your dog gets caught in the rain and will stay durable for a long time; however, it’s not advisable that your pet goes swimming in the collar
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: suitable for your pet regardless of its size, this collar is fully adjustable for the most comfortable fit
  • CONVENIENT SNAP BUCKLE SYSTEM: simply snap on the pet collar and you and your furry best friend are ready to go!


100's of Happy Pups Love This Collar!

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