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Adjustable Waist Trainer Belt

Adjustable Waist Trainer Belt

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The Adjustable Waist Trainer Belt stimulates circulation and sweating, promotes fat burning, weight loss, and increases metabolism. This Waist Trainer Belt wraps and cinches around your stomach with a velcro waist band, giving your body a stunning new hourglass shape. 

This waist shaper belt will visibly reduce your waistline up to several inches while stimulating thermal activity in your core. Adjustable Waist Trainer Belt also provides core strength and helps prevent injury during your daily activities and fitness workouts. 

Designed for busy lifestyles, simply add to your daily routine to help burn inches off of your waist, and improve your posture. Wear during yoga, running, fitness classes, dancing, and other exercise. Adjustable Waist Trainer is perfect for postpartum stomach reshaping, body shaping, back and posture support, and weight loss. 

Latex free; made of stretchy neoprene fabric





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