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Extendable Baseboard Cleaner - Duster

Extendable Baseboard Cleaner - Duster

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Often neglected than not, the baseboards in your home will gather dust and grime over time. So why should you let this happen to yours?

The Extendable Baseboard Duster is the easiest way to clean baseboards without doing the hard work. With a telescopic handle, it cleans dirty baseboards quickly and effortlessly. All you have to do is walk and glide, and it gets the job done for you. 

This handy tool also can be extended to your desired length. No need to climb high chairs and risk injury to your back! It also works for regular cleaning. Make sure to try it today! 

  • Cleans baseboards, crown moldings, door casings, etc.
  • Telescopic, adjustable handle 
  • Multi-purpose cleaning tool
  • Handle Length: 49 inches (Can be extended 20 inches)

How to use

  • Use wet for cleaning baseboards and use dry for routing cleaning 


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