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Fur Ball Diamond Case for iPhone

Fur Ball Diamond Case for iPhone

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Bring On The Bling!

A little bling goes a long way.

Transform your iPhone from zero to style hero with this one-of-a-kind trendy iPhone case. With a flashy diamond and irresistibly adorable furball accents, this iPhone case even comes with a wrist strap - a thoughtful design detail when you need to go hands-free!


  • PRACTICAL DIAMOND ACCENT: besides adding a touch of brilliance, the diamond accent also conveniently props up your iPhone for a comfortable viewing experience
  • SAFETY WRIST STRAP: a convenient feature that lets you go hands-free when you go partying or have both your hands full   
  • DETACHABLE FURBALL: soft and oh-so-fluffy, jazz up your style with this detachable fur ball    
  • FULL FRAME ANTI-SCRATCH PROTECTION: this protects your iPhone from the daily wear and tear    
  • SHOCKPROOF AIR CUSHION CORNERS: these absorb the impact to minimize damage should your iPhone falls


  • Compatible with: iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8
  • Functions: dirt resistant, anti knock


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