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Dashboard Car Phone Holder

Dashboard Car Phone Holder

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Where Your Phone Should Be When You're Driving

A thoughtfully-designed car phone holder can make all the difference when you’re driving.

With an easy clip-on system that’s effortless to install and remove, you can place this mobile phone holder stand anywhere you like on the dashboard. While it grips securely on the dashboard, the non-slip silicone and rubber paddings on its jaws apply just the right amount of pressure on your phone so it doesn’t fall off during bumpy rides. The clip mount phone holder also offers 360° rotation and an adjustable sight angle to ensure that you always get the best readability on your phone screen while you’re driving.


  • MAKE DRIVING SAFER: with the dashboard phone holder, you can now answer your phone with a single tap without having to hold it in your hand
  • 360° ROTATION & ADJUSTABLE SIGHT ANGLE: this ensures that you get optimal visibility and readability on your phone screen  
  • ANYWHERE ON THE DASHBOARD: mount the car phone clip anywhere on the dashboard where you can monitor important calls and messages while still keeping your eyes on the road
  • DOESN’T FALL OFF: the silicone and rubber grips hold your phone with just the right amount of pressure while staying securely on the dashboard, so neither your phone nor the clip holder will fall off even when the ride is bumpy
  • MADE OF QUALITY MATERIALS: the phone clip can withstand high temperatures even when there’s direct sunlight on the dashboard
  • ACCOMMODATES MANY PHONE SIZES: the spring jaw of the phone clip can accommodate 3.5 - 6.5 inches phones


  • Materials: polycarbonate polymer material + silicone
  • Suitable for: 3.5 - 6.5 inches phones
  • Adjustable: yes


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