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Catnip Ball Treat Toy

Catnip Ball Treat Toy

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Let Your Cat Play With Its Food

Give your kitty a toy, and let it eat it too!

These natural catnip balls are toys and treats all in one. Made dried organic catnip, a natural mint-like herb which felines are naturally attracted to, your furry friend will love chasing after, kicking around and gnawing at (promotes healthy oral hygiene) its newfound toy treat. Unlikely to disintegrate easily, your kitty will have endless hours of fun and exercise! 

  • NATURAL AND SAFE: the natural catnip ball is made of dried organic catnip without any additives or preservatives. It’s non-addictive and is generally harmless to cats. In fact, catnip is a mint-like herb which your kitty pal is naturally attracted to
  • ADORABLE BALL SHAPE: your kitty can delight itself for hours playing, kicking and chasing its catnip treat around
  • REMOVE PLAQUE ON TEETH: when your furkid gnaws at the compressed catnip ball, it’s also removing the plaque buildup on its teeth - it’s playing and improving oral health at the same time
  • VERY DURABLE: the compressed catnip ball treats are very tough and will not disintegrate easily even if your cat plays rough with it
  • GREAT FOR CATS OF ALL AGES: the edible catnip toy is suitable for cats of all ages, so get one of these edible toys for your furry best friend today


  • Material: natural catnip
  • Dimensions: approx 1.25 inches



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