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Cat Window Bed

Cat Window Bed

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Purr-fect Way To Lounge

Hooman owner,
finally, you bought something which I really love.

This cat window lounger is my kind of bed, since you can instantly set it up for me by sticking the suction cups to any window - lets me bask in the warm sunshine, and spy on the birds outside all day long. It’s so lightweight that you easily bring it along in my next car ride and stick it on the car window too. And oh, the lining of this cat lounger is so incredibly soft, warm and comfy, makes me want to catch up on my beauty sleep again…  


  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: the suction cups of the cat window perch will stick securely to any smooth surface, such as glass or porcelain. So you can set up the cat bed for your furry darling on any house window, car window or glass door.
  • COZY COCOON: the cat lounger features a unique shape that gently cradles your pet to make it feel secure while leaving plenty of room for it to move in and out freely
  • GREAT FOR CATS AND SMALL DOGS: the cat lounger can bear weight up to 44 lbs, so it’s steady enough to let your cat or small dog jump on without falling off
  • EASY TO CLEAN: the interior of the cat perch is water resistant, so it’s really hassle-free to clean
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: this makes it so easy for you to stick it to the car window and make every car ride fantastically enjoyable for your furkid 


  • Material: eco-friendly fiber
  • Suitable for: cats or small dogs
  • Dimensions: 30 x 20 inches
  • Sustainable weight: up to 44 lbs
  • Possible installation locations: back of door, house window, car window


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