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Cat Litter Shovel

Cat Litter Shovel

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No More Kitty Mess!

You love your kitty furball, but you can’t say the same when it comes to cleaning after it.

Introducing the pet shovel cleaning tool which every doting pet owner needs. A shovel, sifter and mini trash bin all rolled into one easy-to-use tool, simply line the bin with a trash bag before scooping and sifting the litter and directly disposing it - all without having to use your hands. It’s sanitary, hygienic and so easy to use!


  • NO SPILLAGE: the automatic opening and closing of the shovel door keeps the litter and mess where it should be
  • ALL-IN-ONE CONVENIENCE: it’s a scoop, sifter and mini trash bin all rolled into one smart pet cleaning tool
  • EFFORTLESS TO USE: line the bin with a small trash bag, scoop and sift the litter, turn the scoop upright and the mess will fall into the lined bin; when the bin is full, simply dispose the bag
  • ABSOLUTELY HYGENIC: there will be no spills and you’ll never have to use your hands - bliss!


  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 11.81 x 6.3 x 5.91inches


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