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Car Safety Head Support For Kids

Car Safety Head Support For Kids

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No More Bobbing Heads In The Car

Bobbing little heads are only fun to watch in cartoons, not in real life. With this easy-to-use head support belt, your little one can be snoozing safely and comfortably in the car.

With adjustable straps, the toddler head support attaches to any car seat or high-back booster. Designed to be really flexible, the head strap can be easily moved to the up position when your child is awake. When he/she falls asleep and the head starts to fall forward, the head strap can be quickly pushed down into place with just two fingers.


  • EASY TO USE: the car support pillow attaches to any car seat or high-back booster. The movable head strap can stop your child’s head from falling forward when he/she naps during car rides; when he/she is awake, the head strap can be easily moved to the up position  
  • SOFTLY PADDED: the kids headrest pillow is fully padded so your little one’s head will be supported in all directions
  • COMPLIANT WITH INTERNATIONAL SAFETY REGULATIONS: the forehead strap is attached by velcro, which, in the unfortunate event of an accident, will automatically detach and allow for the natural movement of the head, so the car pillow support does not restrict the head in any way  
  • ADJUSTABLE TO FIT HEAD SIZE: since the movable head strap is connected by velcro, you can easily adjust the way it fits your child’s head


  • Material: polyester
  • Closure: velcro



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