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Anti-Anxiety Jacket For Dogs

Anti-Anxiety Jacket For Dogs

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From Drama Dog To Zen Guru

Let’s face it. Having a dog that seems to be on an overdrive constantly is frustrating and tiring (for both you and your pet). Just like how a swaddle blanket is comforting to a baby, this stress relief dog vest gently surrounds your furry darling in an oasis of calmness, easing travel anxiety, fear of separation/travel/vet visits and over-excitement issues. Best thing is, no medication is required at all.


  • VERSATILE SOLUTION: the pet stress vest is great for pets with 1) fear of travel/noise/vet visits/fireworks/thunderstorms 2) separation/crate anxiety 3) excessive barking/leash pulling 4) all other forms of anxiety
  • WORKS LIKE A SWADDLE BLANKET: the dog anxiety jacket applies gentle, constant pressure to calm down your pet
  • SOFT, BREATHABLE MATERIAL: your pet will feel blissfully comfortable in this vest as it’s made of lightweight and soft material that wouldn’t chafe at it or weigh it down
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: so easy to maintain and keep the stress relief vest clean
  • LETS YOUR PET STAY DRUG FREE: with this pet vest, no medication is ever required to calm down your dog, so it stays absolutely safe and drug free
  • NO TRAINING REQUIRED: you don’t ever need to train your furkid to wear this vest as its velcro closures make it effortless for you to put it on your pet


  • Material: cotton
  • Closure: velcro
  • Care instructions: machine washable



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