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3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen

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 Free Your Mind In 3D Drawing!

Let your imagination run wild with this 3D drawing pen!

Nifty and easy to carry around, this 3D scribble pen extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens, letting you draw in amazing 3D on or off paper. With an easy-to-read LCD display, you’ll know at one glance when the filament needs changing.


  • EFFORTLESS TO USE: whether it’s drawing horizontally or vertically on or off paper, the possibilities are endless with this 3D pen
  • BYE, BULKY 3D PRINTER: this is like a 3D printer without that cumbersome size
  • BRING IT EVERYWHERE: small and easy to carry around, you can build models and bring your ideas to life wherever you go
  • EASY TO CHANGE FILAMENTS: the reader-friendly LCD screen lets you know the filament temperature and when to change it
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: from kids, adult hobbyists to professionals, the artist in everyone will have endless hours of fun seeing their drawings take shape in amazing 3D


  • Nozzle: 0.7mm
  • Adapter current: 110/240V 3A
  • Dimensions: 220 x 170 x 70 mm
  • Color: Blue Yellow Pink Purple


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