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Anti-Theft and Anti-Lost Leather Wallet

Anti-Theft and Anti-Lost Leather Wallet

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2 way Anti-Lost == Never Lose Your Wallet and Never Lose Your Phone!

The smart Bluetooth Wallet allows you to be notified immediately on your phone if your wallet is out of serve range. Also, if your phone is lost, you can find it through pressing the wallet logo button twice.

Built-in Bluetooth and Phone APP

Can easily connect your phone with the smart wallet.

Intelligent Search

You can easily find this smart wallet by your phone APP, no more bothering about finding your wallet everywhere when going out.

Intelligent Anti-theft and Anti-lost

This smart wallet will give an alarm and locate the position by your phone if it is away from you.

Remember Last Position of Wallet

Eliminating Alert

You can easily eliminate the alert if your smart wallet is beside with you.

Acts as Selfie Remote Control


Slim and in High Quality

This smart wallet is slim just as a normal wallet, the premium leather and nice craft make it in high quality.



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