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12V Car Portable Electric Heating Lunch Box

12V Car Portable Electric Heating Lunch Box

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A Lunch Box Designed for Drivers!

The Electric Heating Lunch Box allows you to bring your favorite food with you anywhere on the drive for later consumption. You can then eat the food later on like it's still freshly cooked. We know we enjoy our food the most  while it's still fresh and warm.

This Electric Heating Lunch Box is a 1.05-liter capacity with 2 compartments. There is also a mini bowl inside where you can enjoy warm soup.

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1.Is there a rubber seal ring on the container cover? No sealing ring   2.How many degrees can the lunch box be heated? 70 ℃   3.How long does the lunch box need to be heated? 30-50 minutes   4.How many dishes can be packed in the lunch box? What is its capacity? Rice box 0.66l /Dish box 0.45l   5.Can you remove the small lunch box and reheat it in another one? Can not


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