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12V Car Air Freshener & Humidifier

12V Car Air Freshener & Humidifier

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Indulge In Aromatherapy On The Go

Driving is more pleasurable when you’re surrounded by your favorite scent.
Simply fill this handy car freshener and humidifier with water, add a drop of essential oil and plug it into the cigarette lighter. The car air purifier will spritz relaxing fine mists periodically, keeping the air in your car suitably moist (and keeping those irritating static electricity shocks at bay) and delightfully aromatic.


  • SO EASY TO USE: fill the car aroma diffuser with water, add a drop of your favorite essential oil and plug it into your car cigarette lighter
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: this car air purifier is nifty in size, with the option to tilt it in any direction you like
  • REDUCE STATIC ELECTRICITY: the humidifying function of the car air freshener minimizes static electricity and reduces those nasty little shocks
  • KEEP YOUR SKIN LOOKING GREAT: when the air in your car is suitably moist, your skin will also benefit from the additional moisture, especially during the dry summer/winter months


  • Dimensions: (length) 56 x (height) 164 x (width) 56 mm
  • Volume: 1.8 oz



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