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Anti-Swelling Ginger Foot Detox Patch - 10pcs

Anti-Swelling Ginger Foot Detox Patch - 10pcs

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Grab your Anti-Inflammation/Swelling Ginger Foot Patch while the BIG DISCOUNT is on.
The Anti-Swelling Ginger Foot Patch is an Organic Method treatment that drains excess fluids through the biggest pores in the whole body which is your FEET!



Blending with Ginger Root Extracts, it reduces Swelling and Soothes Pain by its warming & anti-inflammatory properties. Detoxifying Foot Patches works by Osmotic Pressure - the way trees suck water up through their roots. Experience the overnight therapy to unblocks your circulatory and lymphatic systems.


  • Promote a Better Sleep.
  • Anti-Inflammatory-lymphedema.
  • Reduces Pain & Tiredness.
  • Decreases Swollen Glands & Legs after Surgery or Injury.
  • Improves Metabolism and Blood Circulation.
  • Reduces adipose tissues & fat cells, Boosts Energy Level.
  • Expel Harmful Dampness from Body.


  • Wash and dry Your feet or body part.
  • Apply detox patch one hour before bed-time.
  • Socks can be worn if necessary.
  • Remove pad after 8-10 hours.


  • Main Ingredients: Ginger Extracts, Bamboo Vinegar, Bamboo Charcoal, Citrus Extracts
Package Includes:
  • 10pcs. x Anti-Inflammation/Swelling Ginger Foot Patch


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