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Wheel Rim Protector

Wheel Rim Protector

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Protect your wheel rims, save on car fixes

Let’s face it. Car fixes can be expensive. However, there are actually very simple devices that can save you lots of money. For example, to protect those precious wheels from accidental scrapes on kerbs and weather damage, all you need are these affordable wheel bands.

Made of an ultra lightweight semi-rigid plastic, these wheel guards offer 360° protection from kerbs while delivering high-speed performance due to reduced rotational mass. That’s two outstanding benefits for the very low price of one!


  • EFFORTLESS TO INSTALL - it’s so easy to install the anti-scraping wheel guards that you can even DIY - it just takes minutes
  • 360° PROTECTION FROM KERBS AND THE ELEMENTS - these tire rim protectors cushion your wheels from accidental scrapes and weather damage, saving you money from having to replace them sooner than they’re due to
  • DURABLE MATERIAL - the tire guards are made of unique semi-rigid plastic that can conform snugly to the wheel rims
  • FITS MOST WHEEL RIMS - the tire strip guards come in 8m lengths which fit 12 - 22 inches wheel rims
  • QUALITY ADHESION - these wheel bands have factory installed quality double sides tape on one side to offer strong adhesion


  • Item Weight: 170g
  • Item Length: 8m
  • Material Type: rubber
  • External Testing Certification: CE
  • Package includes: 1xwheel rim protector(8m)


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